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merry christmas, from martin marietta
OMG giftmas!
giftmas nears completion
swell's giftmas loot
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jqr: Boring lately?

swell: it's true

swell: i <3 wrapping presents

swell: santa's bag of tricks

swell: here's to the new year

swell: we don't need no water...

mreea: o'christmas tree

swell: the giftmas collage

swell: santa's little helper

swell: it's a mother fucker

swell: miss almost, miss maybe, miss halfway

swell: i was going to try to edit this, but i didn't. so, there you go.

mreea: oh starbies.

swell: think geek

swell: think geek

swell: pot luck xmas strikes again!

swell: requestathon

swell: spill the beans