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drinking a irish fest
eat my ass
it's miller time, bitches
beer pong face-off: top seed showdown
femtron stomps thur
cope succumbs to the skill of sephon
femtron advances past igg to round three
sephon chalks up a W in the losers bracket
it's miller time in the losers bracket (miller lite, goes down in flames)
pong reinforcements arrive
aloha, beer!
happy armageddon  again
swell defeats quarantine
surjay knocks out sephon on a techncalitiy
top-seeded surjay triumphs over swell in the second round
sephon prevails over igg
tempers flare as sephon out-pongs jqr
femtron displays grace and good form as she celebrates her tournament win over first-seed surjay
rum is for pirates
starscream v. jayoh in a vodka shot blowout
igg destroys jqr
jqr is victorious over thur
the girls OR i friggin' hate posing for pictures
they be thuggin'
anyalida bongs beer
swell -- moments before the beer shower
kristen gets up close and personal
i told him not to put it in my face
can you believe we didn't wrestle?
if the glove does not fit, you must acquit (replaces the davenport phrase)
kissy face
licky face
a stern lecture about not stealing hats

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